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Shipping Policy

Burn Money LLC will only ship to the address that you have on file with PayPal. Please do not ask us to ship to an address besides the one that PayPal has provided. Once an order is placed it will be processed and shipped promptly within 1-3 business days (holiday may affect this estimate). If you need special accommodation for shipping such as gift wrapping, delayed shipping or any other questions or concerns regarding your order please contact us or message us on Instagram.

Due to high cost of international shipping buyers located in other countries will be required to pay the full calculated shipping cost at checkout. All international orders will typically be marked as a "Gift" with a lower value to avoid any extra, unnecessary and incurred costs due to customs. If you would like the item to be marked with the full original value please contact us prior to purchase. If you choose to have the full value displayed then you will be required to pay any additional charges or fees that customs charges​

All purchases of clothing/accessories/luggage totaling $100 or more will receive free shipping (Domestic Only).

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