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Exclusive Services

Mixing & Mastering Services

If you are in need of both mixing and mastering, we offer a package deal for $200 per song.

Please make sure to leave an email address as well as a description of what you would like accomplished on your track(s). We will reach out to you to submit your track(s) and with any questions we may have. Please choose digital delivery when opting to choose a shipping method.

**Disclaimer: There will be a $250 cleaning fee charged for smoking in the studio.

Mixing - $160 per song

Finished recording your new song but don’t have the tools necessary to finish your track?


Our main goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product. We include 2 revisions, within reason. The turnaround time for our mixing service is generally 1-2 weeks, but it all depends on the extent of your track.

All we need from you is a reference track, and a description of what direction you’re wanting us to go with the mix.


Mastering - $60 per song

Mastering is an essential step in the process of releasing music. The goal of mastering is to improve balance issues and reinforce sonic qualities that are important to the mix. We utilize professional plugins that can be heard on famous records new and old, so your song is able to compete with commercial music. 

We include 2 revisions, within reason. The turnaround time for our mastering service is generally 1 week.

Our engineers will help you polish your track and prepare it for your preferred route of distribution - whether it's for streaming, vinyl or CD. Please read purchasing instructions.


Production and Arrangement

If you have an idea for a song, whether it's a simple topic idea or a nearly complete song that just needs some sonic reinforcement, we can help you take your track through the writing process up through mastering. We're fully stocked with all of the equipment and plugins that will be needed in helping your vision come to life. Check out our Catalog page for references of the work that we've completed. Reach out to for information about your specific project needs and pricing.

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