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Portland misfit and cannabis connoisseur, Danny Sky, is setting the bar high this year in his city for other artists. Originally a Georgia native Danny has begun to establish deep routes into Portlands hip hop and underground scene. Although as a new artist just starting to dip his toe in the local scene, music did not come naturally to him. However, through years of practice and preservation he has created an outlet in order to be able to showcase not only his adept flow but also his ability to produce such smooth vocals.


As an established artist in Portland Danny can be found performing at many local shows and events alongside his talented peers or in the Burn Money studio making music and improving his lyrical skills. With the release of his highly anticipated song "THX" this year Danny shows us that although “THX” is a clean, catchy cut song that  you just wanna put on repeat, it personifies a more deeper meaning thats been established in his life. This is just the second song that Danny has released to go along with his collection but fans can be expecting an album and much from him very soon to come.

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