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Branching out from he's reggae roots, Astral OG is a 24-year-old rapper based out of Portland, OR who is creating a wave of new music in the Pacific North West with his brand of psychedelic rap. The versatile artist first made name for himself as the lead guitarist player and singer of a popular indie band based in Vancouver, WA, Foreign Talks. After touring with fellow North West artist Myke Bogan, and sharing the stage  with Migos, Waka Flaka Flame, Rob Stone, and many more; combining his artist talents developed in the early years of his career alongside his love for hip hop, Astral OG is creating a lane for himself that no else is riding in.

His first release of 2018, 'Sink or Swim' came along with an absolutely stunning visual that has been opening eyes of the world to the multi talented artist. His further releases have come as a collaboration with Nessly, and a strong guitar driven single titled "Slow Down". This is just the peak of what Astral OG has planned for this year. All his fans and listeners can be expecting an album from the man himself to be released at the end of the year or beginning of next year. Stay tuned for whats to come next.

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