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rap recording studio control room

Book your session today


Schedule a block at our studio in inner SE Portland to create, write, produce, record, and collaborate.

MIXING & Mastering

Finished recording your new song but don’t have the tools necessary to finish your track? Click here to get in contact with our in-house engineer.

Music Lessons

Whether you're looking to start on your musical journey or if you're a seasoned player, we offer lessons that cater to a variety of genres and skills.

Premier Recording Studio in SE Portland

Burn Money Music is a music studio located in Southeast Portland that aims to provide an efficient and creative space for artists to record their music. We specialize in rap and hip-hop. Along with recording, we provide music lessons for guitar, bass, and piano and a functional rehearsal space for bands (Fully stocked with in-house instruments, amps, PA system) Contact for more details!

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