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iiiSO is a person who paves a positive path in order to reach self-connection and a higher thinking. Through the power of his word, art, music, mantra and magic iiiSO creates a way that connects him with his listeners all across the world. As a symbol of strength and creativity, iiiSO's work seeks the curious and misguided minds. Focused on the betterment of humanity on an individual level, iiiSO encourages others to seek their answers from within, by having oneself connecting to their own inner spirit.


As a musical performer iiiSO has opened up for talented artists such as Danny Brown and Chris Travis as well as performing his own live shows at the Hawthorne Theater, Portland State and Washington State University. This year iiiSO has dropped his long anticipated album "Ego Trip: Collection" alongside stunning visuals from his single off the album "Devil Walk". iiiSO not only limits himself to being creative in just a musical aspect, as well as, he creates art through his other passions such as painting, crafting jewelry, musical production, and as a tattoo artist. As a versatile artist iiiSO has begun the journey in order to create his own aura for 2018 and for the future.

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